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Dr. Aseem Singh

Life is a great exciting adventure, full of surprises. And we are all here on earth only a short moment of eternity. We should all strive for the same goal: to help each other as much as possible to find happiness.

   Dr. Aseem Singh is an astrologer, psychologist and very special. He believes that not only astrology affects you, but also for example, how you and your mother had it together and were feeling during the nine months you spent in her stomach. Also, your rank among your siblings has affected your personality.

   Everything is not predetermined. We have a free will and we can influence. Astrology is there to help you to make the right choices in life, and boost your imagination and ego and your sense of initiative and point out things that can improve your life.

   Dr. Singh is not linked to any religion or sect. He just happens to be medial from childhood, and he feels vibrations that most of us do not see. He's looking for the positive things in life so don`t expect any bad predictions in the horoscope. On the contrary, the horoscope builds your ego up and makes you do things and take decisions that you would not otherwise have done.

This is how astrology works:

   If you were born a dark October day in northern latitudes, and the first half of your life you experience winter darkness, coldness and winter depressive people, you will not be the same as if you were born in the spring and during your first half- year would experience sun, feel the heat, hear the chirping of birds, be outdoors and be hugged by parents who are on a completely different mental level.

   It does not mean that one person gets better than the other, but it is a simple example to understand how astrology works. But astrology goes as we know, much further than that. It is based on long-time experience, spirituality, psychology, science and thousands of years of study and has finally become the perfect product which serious astrologers use to help people up to this very day.
Dr. Singh's research:

   The horoscope is based on both modern astrology and ancient millenarian oriental astrology and wisdom. Dr. Singh has been researching for many years and among other things compared old astrology from very diverse cultures such as mountain peoples of the Himalayas, South American Indians, ancient Egyptian and Chinese astrology and even old European.

   The latter was more difficult because in the 17-18th centuries, witches and futuretellers were burned at stake, because it was contradictory to the doctrines of Christianity to engage in divination. There was a lot of knowledge in both medical science, astrology and astronomy that was lost in the witch-hunts in Europe.
He made an amazing discovery:

   The astrology of all these people had some resemblance of nearly 90 percent, despite having different calendars and calculating with different methods. And the remaining 10% were mostly not contradictions, but rather about describing other things.

   How could people, who absolutely have had no cultural contact with each other, have so similar astrology?

   After many years of study he came to the conclusion that it must be because by experience they had came to the same result. There was simply no other explanation. This, if anything, is a proof that astrology works, even if we don`t quite know how to explain it in full. But this goes for many other things in life too.
What you get:

Over 20 personal pages, only about you:

    Your work
    Your future
    Your love life
    Your economy
    Partner analyzis
    Your personality
    Your reincarnations
    Your lucky numbers
    Your present situation
    How you can improve your life
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With the help of this, Dr. Singh finds out how you and your mother were getting along together during the nine months you spent in her stomach, and how this has affected you.

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